With Ohio State’s demolition of Buckeye Village comes increased rent, few choices for students with children

Buckeye Village will soon be gone and with it, Ohio State’s only affordable housing complex for students with families and graduate students.

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(un)silenced: The Aftermath

For victims and survivors of sexual violence, the conclusion of a Title IX case doesn’t end the impact the assault — and the process — has on them.

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Buckeyes Unsung

Buckeyes Unsung takes a look at the lives, work and experiences of professionals doing less visible, yet vital work on campus.

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14 hours ahead: COVID-19 presents unique challenges to international students

All students were impacted by COVID-19 to some degree, but international students faced some big decisions in the face of the pandemic.

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Ohio State Basketball R Shiny application

Used R and its “Shiny” web app tool to create a site that tracks a number of Ohio State basketball statistics, including per game numbers, a recap of the last game completed, and a number of charts and graphs. Updated after each game using web-scraping tools.

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Python notebook on tempo in college basketball

Implemented a number of Python tools to visualize and model the impact of tempo in the world of college basketball, including graphical representations, written components, and a basic machine learning model.

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Flourish visualization of Ohio State recruiting

Brief visual display of Ohio State’s recruiting class of 2021 (as of late May 2020). Used Excel and Flourish to visualize the data’s outlying characteristics. Featured on Eleven Warriors the following day.

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